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Welcome to the website of Yantai sunshine Plastic Co., Ltd., thank you for your attention and support.


In 1999, when we decided to create and run this company, a friend asked me, "what do you need most now? Is it a market? Money? Or technology? " I answer: it is the market, money and technology that we need most in the early days of our business, but what we need more urgently is talent and team, because with the talent and team, we have everything. Therefore, the creation and development of Yantai sunshine Plastic Co., Ltd. is actually the integration of the team and the construction of the platform, and the organic combination of the two, finally to achieve our goals in the heart.

"Honest and trustworthy, unity and cooperation, customer first and first" is the core value of the sun. It is the interpretation that only an honest and trustworthy person can be recognized by the customer and the society; unity has the strength, a team with a spirit of cooperation will not win; and the interests of the customers are first, To make the best product and best service for the customer to make the sun plastic survival and development possible; to have good execution, adhere to the details, the courage to pay, to do to do the best in the industry. This is the demand for the vast number of users.

"To be in detail, win in the implementation" is the sun's principles of doing things, "strict and efficient" is our commitment to the eternal and constant of our customers. It is necessary for a team with a high recognition of sunshine culture to give all the heart and body to sunshine plastic, and sincerely thank our excellent team. It is your hard work and careful care, Young sunshine can thrive and thrive.

"Yesterday's achievements have become past events. Looking ahead, we have a long way to go." The goal is the direction of the sun, we need to keep the company's development goals and employees' personal value together. We have the obligation to build the best development platform, so that each of our sunshine people can find the direction of the mind, and realize the common development of the enterprise and the staff.

At the same time, I am also very grateful to our cooperation with the enterprises and people concerned about the development of enterprises, because of your attention and care, we will go further. Under the new opportunities of historical development, we hope to get all the support and help from you as always. Let us join hands together to create and share the sun and create a brilliant future.




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