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Name: xu Lin till age: 80 native place: zhejiang.

Nationality: han gender: male degree: university.

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He is a senior engineer of the chemical research institute of jiangsu province. He is mainly engaged in the research and development of polyurethane materials and related products, and has obtained many research results. In the past 76 years, the national sports committee has undertaken the research project on plastic materials for the plastic runway, and in the past 80 years, it has passed the joint identification of the state sports commission and the ministry of chemical industry. It was first applied to the wutai mountain sports field in nanjing. After that, the application of large areas in guangzhou and Shanghai was carried out, and the construction of the project was carried out. Such as: Pakistan, Zambia, Ethiopia, etc., obtained the unanimous affirmation of the international and domestic sports circles, and laid a solid foundation for the development of Chinese plastic site materials. And trained a large number of technical personnel. To this end, the state council authorized the special contribution award, enjoyed the special government subsidies issued by the state council, and was appointed by the national sports commission as the technical advisor for the construction of the stadium. I was hired by our company after retirement.

CJS - 1 hybrid polyurethane plastic track [J]; Polyurethane industry; Xu Lin tillage; 03, 1988

Polyurethane hulling machine rubber roller/xu ling/polyurethane industry, no. 04, 1987.



Name: jiang wen age: 61 native place: shandong.

Nationality: han gender: male degree: university.

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Mr. Jiang wen is the chief engineer of Shanghai jiuxing heat transfer co., LTD. Mainly engaged in the research and development of MDI polyurethane waterproof coating materials, composite polyether and related products, achieved significant achievements and won many honors. In 1985, I was responsible for the research of "MDI polyurethane waterproof coating film materials" organized by qixia county science and technology committee and won the second prize; In 1986, he was responsible for the study of "composite polyether test" organized by qixia county science and technology committee, and won the first prize; In 1988, shandong province science and technology progress award committee issued the "combination polyether" test system of three provinces science and technology progress award. It has made great contribution to the development of the industry: solved the problem of batch production of acrylic emulsion industry; Participated in the design and installation of the annual production of 3, 000 tons of dibenzyl toluene and mass production. I was hired by our company after retirement.




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