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Attention to the construction of compound plastic runway in rainy season.

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In order to ensure the quality and safety of the project, the compound plastic runway is a reminder that the following matters should be noted for the current weather conditions:

1, set up at the construction site of the project manager for the first rainy season construction leading group, will plan and measures to carry out the preparation, personnel education, material supply, emergency rescue and specific fulfil the master and the relevant departments, and clear responsibility.

2, equipped with enough smoothly, to ensure that the rainy season construction materials and tools, the rainy season construction dedicated power supply circuit, switch box, special maintenance the normal operation of power system at any time by designated personnel.

3. Prepare targeted and feasible construction plan for rainy season in advance, report to the owner and the supervision unit for approval, and timely implement the plan content after the approval.

4. In addition to the flow of surface water according to natural ground level, a complete drainage system should be set up. The drainage ditch should be kept open, and the catchment well is set up every 20 meters or so, and the water collecting well is equipped with the barrier soil facilities, and it is cleaned regularly. Before the site is discharged, the municipal drainage system shall be subject to precipitation treatment.

5. The drainage system on site should be in good condition, so as to ensure unblocked drainage, so as to keep the road from falling, not sliding, standing water, and not storing mud.

6, answer at any time, collecting meteorological forecast and related information, try to avoid rain pouring concrete, such as drenched by the rain, in the process of pouring concrete to immediately stop pouring, in a timely manner to deal with if, and immediately to have completed the construction of concrete cover to protect.

7. In the outdoor open air, small machines must be equipped with a rain-proof cover or a waterproof canopy; The protection device for the protection against rain and leakage should be sensitive and effective, and check the insulation condition of the circuit regularly.

8. Prepare the plastic film, cover the important structural parts, and prevent the rainstorm from flushing new concrete.

9, sets up the material in plastic runway construction site area or warehouse, also want to implement the rainy season construction measures, the roof should be waterproof, moisture-proof requirement also completes the moistureproof work of warehouse.

10. Before the rain, the waterproof and drainage conditions of all cement warehouses and materials warehouse should be thoroughly checked and the problems should be dealt with promptly.

11. During the rainy season, the water content of sand and stone should be measured at any time, and the variation range should be mastered to adjust the water consumption in a timely manner.

12. Set up a rainy season construction leading group and flood control and rescue team for the project manager, and implement the responsibility measures. Adjust the construction arrangement to ensure the quality and safety of construction.

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