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Two problems should be paid attention to the construction of compound plastic runway.

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Two problems should be paid attention to:

First, pay attention to the construction quality of basic plastic runway.

Successful laying of plastic runway surface materials and good long-term performance, depends on the basis of high standard construction, only to lay out the basis of a high standard of excellent performance, durable plastic runway. When these high standards are built, be careful to set aside enough time for maintenance. It is generally recommended that after the cement (or asphalt) layer is laid, it should be maintained for at least 3 weeks to ensure the long-term stability of the base area and the volatiles of the bad gas.

2. Improve the durability of the plastic runway.

The length of the service life of the plastic runway has a direct impact on the customers' interests and the promotion and use of the plastic runway. To this end, from the procurement of raw materials, strict quality control. In the production, the technical department and the production department should be adopted to prevent the occurrence of undesirable products. In addition to laying crops can rational determination of the material, make it meet the national standard and the international association of athletics federations of indicators, the plastic runway materials for the experiment of resistance and ultraviolet resistance, etc, in order to ensure the normal service life of the laying of plastic runway in eight years.

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