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Compound plastic racetrack - two main reasons for non-working or slow drying of a single set of silicon PU construction.

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Silicon one-component PU curing principle is moisture curing (or called steam curing), so in the field of gel medium is water vapor, encountered in the construction process of material not stem or slow dry phenomenon, the reason is not enough water, diluents does not match the two reasons. Let's take a look at the compound plastic runways.

1. Insufficient amount of water to dry or slow down.

When the air humidity is suitable and the base dryness is suitable, the product formulation design of each company is not necessarily the same. Sibal green in order to make construction on site easy to adjust, by feeling less work accident, improved the production process in factory production, materials for the vacuum dehydration, the second reaction purification process, such as do each batch before delivery of materials to achieve zero water content and the purpose of environmental protection. As long as the basis to the construction site (moisture content less than 5%), dry air humidity is less than 60% (not tide non-stick) can according to the elastic material weight 2% less than the amount of water to join, fully stir construction, namely 30 kg/barrel to join 600 g water, a bottle of 500 g water more, can be completely reaction, no not stem, dry slow phenomenon. , of course, also need the teacher according to the foundation and the humidity of the air is not up to the construction condition, the condition of appropriate dosage of num, water is not the field will not stem or slow dry, water consumption is too large, bubbles. In the same area, there is a place dry, there is a place to do it, must be the water is not uniform, or stirring uneven, stirring uneven will also have local bubbling and foaming phenomenon. The dry time of the normal design of the site is 12 hours. If the site is not dry after the normal drying time, the site will appear with wet mud, sticky feet, sticky ash, and flushing water.

2. No dry or slow drying of the diluent.

Construction, because of the need to add thinner to control flow property, including the tar level diluent alcohol (methanol, ethanol), will directly destroy the molecular structure of the material, lead to inadequate response appears not stem or slow dry phenomenon, its physical properties can not meet the design requirements, will also affect the service life.

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