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Construction scheme of composite plastic runway.

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Description of construction scheme of composite plastic runway.

1. Scope of application: applicable to all kinds of school general teaching facilities.

Second, the main material: polyurethane, polyurethane glue a two-component PU, drier, EPDM color granules (size 2 ~ 3 ㎜), black rubber particles (size 2 ~ 4 ㎜) or white EPDM granule and powder.

Three, machinery equipment, plastic mixer, plastic spraying machine, plastic machine, professional scraping rake, a lever, trowel, professional cutter, level, total station, spirit level, the scale, carts, mixing barrel, etc.

Four, and performance characteristics: complex plastic runway surface layer thickness of 13 ㎜, has good weather resistance, abrasion resistance, flexibility, resistance to stud, anti-aging ability and other characteristics, particle surface by high pressure spraying method construction. The composite plastic runway is between the hybrid and breathable type, and the economic applicability is high.

5. Years of use: more than 8 years.

6. Construction procedures: measuring the laying of the elastic layer of the black rubber particles, the laying of the adhesive layer, and the laying of the bonding layer, the spraying surface and the drawing line.

Vii. Construction points:

1, USES the theodolite and total station positioning pay-off, material proportion of polyurethane glue first mix inside and black particles into the mixing barrel, and adding suitable amount of drier, stir well, pour into a plastic spreader in paving.

2. In front of the dumping stall, the glue should be rolled in the spreading area, that is, the construction should be carried out by using the method of spreading the edge of the glue.

3, will be a two-component polyurethane PU in mixing barrel inner stirring evenly, and adding suitable amount of drier, stir well, then add appropriate proportion of rubber powder, then stir well, pour into the completed black granular layer, with professional scraping rake a flat, even block black particles; After curing, the binding layer is laid with PU pure glue.

4, combined with the layer on the second day after the completion of the engineering construction particle surface, namely material proportion of polyurethane first mix inside a two-component PU in stirring barrels, and adding suitable amount of drier, stir well, then add required percentage of EPDM color granules, EPDM rubber powder, spray surface mixture, stir well, and then load the sprayer, spray evenly on the bottom rubber, spray twice. Finish all the construction of the next day to draw lines.

8. Drawing line requirements: using the identified steel ruler, the whole station shall line and draw lines according to the requirements of the international track and field federation (IAAF) standard and the standard of track and field and the requirements of the sports process.

9. Acceptance requirements: refer to the international track and field federation (IAAF) standard and GB/ t14833-1993 for acceptance.

The composite plastic runway is paved with sunshine plastic.

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