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Plastic runway materials to tell you how to build a plastic runway for proper drainage?

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How does the plastic runway construction reasonable drainage? The plastic runway materials are considered to be combined with ground runoff and underground penetration. If only surface runoff is used, the site is required to be flat and the water gradient is uniform, which is difficult for a large area of track and field made up of plastic racetracks and artificial turf fields. If only plastic runway construction on water seepage discharge is not likely, because the field of water penetration ability and the field structure itself, even if the good water permeability, but with the increase of service life, the water penetration ability also will be more and more bad. The more suitable drainage method is that the seepage velocity is lower than the surface runoff velocity. Therefore, it is generally adopted the method of "combination of osmosis and displacement".

For the track and field can be divided into two drainage area, drainage area is at the ends of the north and south, plastic runway itself semicircle field site, this area is generally selected drainage way, runoff and drainage way will drain the inside of the surface water into the runway. The drainage area is the area within the track of the track and field within the track. This area includes the football field and the buffer zone, and generally adopts the method of "osmotic combination".

In addition, whether the concrete base or asphalt base, before the construction of plastic runway, should be reasonable layout of the drainage ditch, the specific requirements are as follows: construction of plastic runway.

1. The drainage structure conforms to the drawing design standards (including the trench body, the size of the cover plate, the height of the ditch, etc.).

2. After the completion of drainage ditch construction, the basic plane error of the ground floor of the gutter cover and the ditch shall not be greater than 2mm, and the slope requirements shall be met without affecting the smooth drainage.

3. The gutter cover should be firmly planted, and the gap between each cover plate should be evenly distributed (about 10mm).

4. The basic backfill density of the outer wall of the drainage ditch should meet the above 95% standard. Construction of plastic runway

5. Apply the waterproof mortar to the wall of the drainage ditch in strict accordance with the waterproof requirement.

6. The sedimentation Wells set at 20-30m intervals in the gutter should meet the design requirements.

7. If the upper water system should be installed in the drainage ditch, the installation of the upper water pipe shall be reliable and reliable, and the northern region shall also deal with the water pipe for insulation and anti-freeze treatment.

8. The movable manhole cover (including the manhole cover, upper water hole cover, etc.) on the gutter cover shall be firmly installed and easy to open.

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