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Which good is the school plastic runway material?

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With golden decade China sports industry, sports industry has become a national development strategy, now more and more school choice laying plastic runway, but is often a lot of kinds of material got dizzy, don't know what to choose what kind of material of plastic runway is better? In the domestic market now important is breathable plastic runway type, mixed type, compound, four prefabricated type, material of plastic runway small make up today will make a brief introduction of the four runways some advantages and disadvantages and applicability.

The compound plastic runway is mainly used for non-standard runways, such as primary and secondary schools or kindergartens, and is more expensive than gas-permeable plastic runways.

Anti-ultraviolet, wear-resistant, effective to avoid sports injury, has a strong elastic layer, the solution is generally cement concrete foundation.

The hardness of the site is adjusted properly and it is durable. It is helpful for middle and primary school students to play sports, play or improve their performance.

The airflow runway is cost-effective, and the cost is about 15% of the low composite plastic runway and about 28% of the low hybrid plastic track.

. High intensity and good seepage performance, especially suitable for high frequency use such as school, completely without affecting its superior performance.

With excellent waterproof and breathability, it is suitable for the southern regions with abundant rain and hot weather.

There are more polyurethane materials on the mixed track surface, so the elasticity is better than the other two types of runways.

It is highly specialized, and the raw material of polyurethane is expensive, which is usually used in the special stadium and the school track field of the university.

Adopt the mixed structure approved by iaaf, which meets the international standards and is applicable to all kinds of school sports venues.

The precast type is the most upscale of the plastic runway type, with excellent function, which is not acceptable to ordinary primary and secondary schools.

The bottom design adopts the optimum geometric design, which can change its bending degree, maximum impact absorption and maximum energy return.

. The surface layer is designed with a concave surface to ensure that the rain will not stay on the main contact surface in any weather condition, without affecting the friction force.

Small make up plastic runway material above all, everyone should have the intuitive knowledge of four common runway, prefabricated type is mainly used for professional track and field stadium, prices high, not suitable for the general primary and secondary schools; The hybrid runway is highly specialized, suitable for colleges and universities, and the airway runway is generally cost-effective, and the compound runway is suitable for middle schools and kindergartens.

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