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Do four things well, the composite plastic runway foundation will be very relaxed.

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The basic acceptance of the composite plastic runway is very important. It determines the quality of the process. Therefore, the basic acceptance should be strict and careful, so as to ensure that all the inspection is carried out according to the construction process.

Before acceptance, we should know that there are two foundations of the plastic runway, one is asphalt concrete and one is concrete. For before a piece of asphalt concrete, visions, cannot appear a few small hole, to solid cannot too soft, must level off, in order to ensure its ruler to measure whether level off with a professional, measured in millimeters, measured to be serious and careful work attitude, patience and perseverance. The qualified standard is a concave less than 1 mm, and the error is less than 0.1 mm. For cement concrete, the most important thing is to ensure that the surface does not return to sand, and that there is no fracture and fine seam.

In addition, the most important point is plastic runway slope detection, can field any point as the center, and then randomly to spread around, do a good job in asphalt concrete and cement concrete slope, roughness and these four things, when acceptance of plastic runway foundation will be so simple to do.

Sunshine plastic project management:

1. The company has set up the project management department and adopted the project manager responsibility system. Establish the project management process and project management method. Strictly follow the project management procedures to ensure the high quality and high standard of site engineering. In the venue construction, through quality management, schedule management, cost management, safety management and contract management, established a full set of project management system, project management provides the omni-directional service for the user, and with its highly professional construction management level to win the trust of users. The company has rich experience in the construction of the professional construction team, all the certificates and regular business learning and technical grade assessment.

The project manager is responsible for the individual project, and is responsible for the project management and the smooth implementation of the project.

2. Sincere and active after-sales service: "technology-oriented, first-class quality, first-class service, and users to get first-class enjoyment" is the service tenet of our sunshine company.

3. The company shall set up after-sales service telephone to ensure the rapid and accurate maintenance of the project and corresponding service.

4. The company establishes regular product quality return visit system, so as to get timely feedback and solve problems.

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