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Composite plastic runway construction process.

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Compound plastic runway features.

(I) construction method.

1. Ground repair: according to the standard construction of the runway, it is true that the compaction is compacted, the dust is completely removed, and the surface protruding must be worn by the abrasive cloth machine or scraping.

2. Maintenance period: the paving material for PU sports field can be laid after stable and dry area.

3. Ground water determination sunny days with transparent tape to tape around the tape on the ground, after waiting for 2-4 hours if internal condensation phenomenon is not construction, or take the newspaper spread on the ground construction, again with flat cover, remove the newspaper the next day the ignition failure to ignite the ground water is not more construction.

(ii) construction procedures:

1. Base oil coating: to strengthen the edge of the gutter and the predestination of the stone, to prevent the later depainting.

Ii. Permeable layer pavement:

1. With EPDM black granule 1-4mm and PU binding agent 1-8004, the ratio is 4:1.

2. In a double helix force mixer, stir for at least 5 minutes, stirring with the direction of the heart, so that the gel meter is completely wetted by the PU binding agent 1-8004.

3. Stir completed materials sent to the designated area, with automatic level of mechanical shop to shop all smooth, and pay attention to the automatic level of shop is installed with functions of high temperature (80 ℃), high pressure formation, and parallel to the flatness requirement to 3 m straight edge detection and low error of 4 mm. The next step should be taken after the air permeability layer is completely solidified.

3. Fill in the sealing layer: according to the ratio of huf-12/sl-480 =2/1, the main agent and the hardener needed for the accurate weighing are put into the mixing tank, and after adding 1% of the viscosifier, the electric mixer will be mixed evenly with the stuffing.

4:, horizontal consolidation of caulking every 12-24 hours later, after coating material has hardened, sprinkling water on water surface test, and indicate the position of water will suck water clean again, then use the PU material to fill hollow with flat dimple.

Five, the runway crossed: runway crossed should be responsible by our company, marking must follow all instructions given by the architect or engineer, line width and color must comply with the international track and field association (IAAF) regulations and instructions of engineer.

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