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The quality requirements for asphalt concrete pad layer of the plastic surface layer of eco - plastic runway.

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The quality requirements for asphalt concrete pad layer of the plastic surface layer of eco - plastic runway.

(1) general process.

1. Natural soil layer: the density is greater than 95%, and the moisture content is 8-12%. After rooting out the turf and the humus soil, the 8-12 ton roller was crushed down the longitudinal direction from both sides to 5-8 times.

2. Natural sand and stone layer: the thickness is about 150mm, the maximum particle size is not more than 2/3 of the thickness of the bottom layer, and the aggregate content is 60%, and the crushing pressure of 8-12 tons is used for 5-8 times.

3. Gravel cushion: the thickness is about 100mm, (the particle size is 30-60mm), and the crushing machine is crushed to the rock with 8-12 tons of roller, and the surface has no ripple, and the compaction density reaches 2.2 tons/m3.

4, asphalt concrete layer: to lay thick asphalt layer, the thickness of 40 to 60 mm, gravel size is 6 to 9 mm, 4.6 5.8% oil content, use after 8-12 tons roller rolling thin asphalt layer, thickness of 20 to 40 mm, gravel particle size is 2 to 5 mm, 5.8 6.4% oil content, with 6-12 tons roller RCC.

5. Precautions:

(1) asphalt paving temperature shall be above 100 ℃, survival temperature shall be above 60 ℃.

The roller should be cleaned with clean water, avoid using diesel oil or other heavy oil washing to ensure that the asphalt layer and plastic are glued together.

(2) quality requirements.

1, base surface must not have crack, cannot have obvious rolling wheel track, can not have oil, grease, and did not stir open of asphalt block, can not have scleroma, concave, the phenomenon such as crack, honeycomb or peeling.

2. Basic surface unimpeded water phenomenon.

3. Flatness: the acceptance rate of flatness is over 95%, and 3m is allowed within 3mm.

4. Slope: conforms to the sports technology index.

5. Compressive strength: R20>25kg/ sq cm R50>10kg/ cm.

6. Compactness: the surface compaction density is above 97%, and the dry capacity reaches 2.35kg/ l.

7. Asphalt softening point >50, extending 60cm, penetration 1/10mm>60.

8. Asphalt thermal stability coefficient: Kt = R20/R50 is less than or equal to 3.5.

9. Body expansion rate: <1%.

10. Water absorption rate: 6-10%.

11. Maintenance period: outdoor temperature is over 25 days. Outdoor temperatures between 15 ℃ to 25 ℃ for 30 days. Outdoor temperature below 25 ℃ to 60 days.

(volatile components in volatile bitumen)

12. Before the plastic layer is laid, wash the foundation surface with water, and the base layer should be free of oil, ash and dry.

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