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Technical index of plastic surface layer of composite plastic track.

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Technical index of plastic surface layer of composite plastic track.

1, durability: plastic surface should be kept quite some time for their characteristics, and in need of major repair maintain at least 8 ~ 10 years before, of course, the life of the surface is associated with the level of the degree of use and use.

2, effectiveness: to make the movement on the surface of the athletes feel comfortable and safe, the most basic requirement, want to accord with the international association of athletics federation of athletic facilities in standard manual "the relevant provisions.

3. Test: the track field must be tested in the laboratory before it is officially operational, and its purpose is to make sure that various raw materials are compatible with each other. Ensure that the device is successfully installed in most normal weather conditions; Make sure that the surface has a satisfactory durability; Be sure that the surface features will satisfy track and field athletes; Make sure that the ingredients, composition, installation methods, and long-term use of raw materials do not pollute the environment.

4, surface flat: in any position and direction, every 4 meters distance measurement of ups and downs, no more than 6 mm per 1 meter measurement distance cannot be more than 3 mm of ups and downs, and in irregular step measurement range cannot be more than 1 mm of ups and downs.

5, buffering performance: surface layer on the surface of the buffer performance compared with the rigid base material (concrete), the temperature at 10 ~ 40 ℃, the surface layer surface should be between 35% ~ 50% of the base material. If the temperature of the measurement exceeds this range, then the measured data should be allowed to make some necessary modifications according to the strength - temperature curve drawn under the normal state of the standard surface.

6. Friction: the friction coefficient in any place shall not be less than 0.5 when the surface layer is wet without porosity. Note that this value corresponds to a scale reading of 47 on the TRRL machine.

7, color: when using Merhuen color manual evaluation, the color of the coat surface must be uniform, and be willing to agree with a particular color in the manual, if the ground surface is designed into a variety of colors, so each color must be consistent with a certain color in the manual.

8. Drainage: when the water is completely submerged, it is allowed to require 20 minutes of drainage to require that no surface of the surface of the surface of the surface is more than the thickness of the surface layer.

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