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Detailed introduction



1、The product description

Terbon silicon PU (SiPU) course material is a national patent court material with multi-functional sports and construction advantages.

By modifying the silicon elastic particles and other technologies, PU materials can be constructed directly on concrete ground. There is no cracking and bubbling phenomenon. At the same time, it has excellent characteristics of PU and acrylic acid. It is the best choice for leisure engineering.

2、Product features

AD industry

Double-layer structure is in accordance with the international standard indoor design for the venue is indoor standard applied to outdoor venue form a professional sport floor products, open up the professional outdoor stadium floor of the new material.

(1) the special surface layer -- tough and has a certain friction coefficient. It can ensure that athletes start fast, move easily, and make the athletes feel safe and down-to-earth.

(2) the elastic layer of high rebound value can protect the athlete's joints and reduce the risk of ligament injury, which can improve the running speed of the athletes and improve the competitive level.


(1) superior weather resistance. It will not fade, powderize, harden and soften due to changes in ultraviolet, ozone, rainwater and high and low temperature climate, and can maintain its bright colors for a long time. Under normal circumstances, five years of non-discoloration, 10 years of flexible use time.

(2) excellent wear resistance. It can guarantee the permanent stability of the appearance structure, good wear resistance, and can meet the need of long-term high use frequency.

(3) the anti-fouling strong surface layer -- tough, dense, not easy to be scraped by the sole or other hard objects, can keep the field clean and clean for a long time. Unattended courses are also suitable for use.

Environmental protection

All the indexes of this product have reached the national indoor decoration hygienic standard, and have obtained the environmental certificate. In the process of use and construction, the product does not produce poisonous and harmful substances, it is a real environmental protection product.


The comprehensive use cost is low, do not need special maintenance, clean easy, it is the most ideal product of cost performance. Adaptable, can be arbitrary construction on various solid ground, color, thickness optional. The asphalt floor can be laid directly, and the new and old cement concrete surface can be laid out after surface treatment, which greatly reduces the basic ground handling cost.

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