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1、Super wear resistance.:Plastic runway material change in the past with EPDM products (or CPU) particles as a non-slip surface of the traditional process (particles), the new formula in special promoting agent, and through a special production process, change to overcome the characteristics of the polyurethane materials self-leveling, this technique keeps the PU runways material corrosion resistance, ageing resistance traditional characteristic such as being strong of performance, its wear resistance is several times of traditional process, and overcome the common fault of the traditional polyester pellet runway fall out, and the surface is bright and beautiful and neat and easy to clean, surface friction and higher than that of the iaaf standards, materials and environmental protection quality more stable.

2、Excellent athletic performance.:For its formulation and process design on the basis of sports biomechanics, and add a layer in the structure closed-cell foam flexible interlayer, therefore, its elasticity, friction force, hardness is both can slow down the impact when your feet hit the leg of each joint impact to human body, can make human body get continuous forward momentum. According to the latest standard requirements of the iaaf, 35-50% (traditional craft is less than 30%), more than the national standard, it is the most advanced and professional structure design in the world.

3、Strong weather resistance.:In the formulation process, adopt unique ANTISUN anti ultraviolet aging factor and ATTACKFUNGUS super mildew factor, replace traditional uv absorber and fungicide, so that the product has excellent aging proof, mildew antibacterial double protection.

4、Strong adhesion performance.:Adopt unique moisture viscosity paint shop technics, and because of the reactivity of the emulsion molecules are special mesh structure and permeability and combined with the foundation more solid, solve the traditional technics of abscission layer foaming technical problem.

5、Strong resistance to fading.:Because traditional pavement material contains free TDI, its free TDI is combined with air oxidation and weathering dimmed, this product does not contain free TDI, coupled with the unique ANTISUN anti ultraviolet aging factor, thus the durability of colour and lustre is stronger. 

6、Good environmental performance.:Thanks to the unique formulation process, the first breakthrough in environmental technology, replacing the traditional leaded with rare earth catalyst, with plant extract ANTISUN anti ultraviolet aging factor and ATTACKFUNGS super mildew factor alternative synthetic uv absorber and antioxidants mould inhibitor and its unique environmental performance comparable to belong to the model. Benzene solvents are not used in the production process for real environmental protection products.

Structure performance: 

(一)The underlying:Polyurethane mixture with black colloidal particles, the company's brand polyurethane runway resistant mixture proportion of light (1.22), high rubber content, with the quality of the mixture is more than the mixture on the market with 18% ~ 20% of the area, economical and practical. Adopts the unique token resistance polyurethane runway mixture had spread glue coating formulation process, and the into the emulsion molecular is special reactivity mesh structure and permeability and combined with the foundation more solid, solve the problem of traditional technics of easy delamination foaming.

(二)The middle layer:Formed from "wen qing pulp, paving closed-cell foam sandwich, their elasticity, hardness, the friction can slow down the steps on every impact leg of each joint impact to human body, and can make the human body are a forward momentum. According to the latest standards of the iaaf, 35% ~ 50% of the standard is required to be an international original structure.

(三)The surface layer:Since the junction lines spent slurry, it was pure liquid rubber (pulp) and silicon carbide powder and promote the change agent, with professional spray machine, after several hours of reaction, its own natural pure polyurethane material mucilage, non-slip surface. This process can not only overcome the characteristics of the self-leveling of polyurethane materials, but also retain the resistance of polyurethane materials and the aging resistance, and overcome the common diseases of the polyurethane track. Wear-resisting, surface particle uniform, the force is uniform, the line is clear and full, neat and beautiful, environmental protection product.


Yantai sunshine plastic co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, construction, sales of plastic runway materials, different octylic acid zinc, lead, quantitative plastic runway, yantai yantai plastic pitch. Company has specialized in the production of polyurethane paving materials standard chemical plant, production equipment, technical process is advanced, detection means complete, has many experienced professional construction team, covers an area of the largest industry in shandong province, is one of the most complete company form a complete set of equipment.

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