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Hybrid traditional plastic track stadium process.:

Polyurethane (pu) paste, mixed plastic runway is pre polymers as the main raw material, add a certain proportion of black rubber granules, according to local climate conditions appropriate to join at that time a certain percentage of the catalyst after on-site mixing, using artificial paving way for the construction, the formation of mixed elastic layer, when not fully paste glue spread the special color granule, the runway surface particles into all glue after thorough cleaning, confirm no threshing junior guild regulations line measurement.

Mixed traditional plastic track sports field characteristics.:

And breathable plastic runway, composite plastic runway and pre cast rubber runway compared to the sports venues such as hybrid traditional plastic runway, sports venues in China is using the longest since the development of plastic runway, specificity of strong plastic runway, professional regional sports playgrounds in China before 2004, the basic construction of the similar plastic runway. The current national standard for plastic racetrack is GB/ t14833-93, which is based on the mixed traditional plastic runway. Hybrid traditional plastic runway without being affected by climate conditions such as high strength, high wear resistance, eveness, available to absorb vibration and shock insulation, bounce, non-slip, good elasticity, resistance to low temperature, the hardness adjustment appropriate site. Due to the colorful and beautiful venue, a comfortable and exciting atmosphere can help athletes to perform or improve their performance.

Hybrid traditional plastic runway wear-resisting layer is to use EPDM rubber particles on the surface, the EPDM rubber granules is rubber products, with the adhesive on the physical properties of polyurethane elastic layer is not the same kind of product performance, so the threshing serious when using, combined with a cluster of particles to make it difficult to clean up the plastic runway surface.


Hybrid plastic stadium runway because it has the high professional, combined with the polyurethane raw material price is expensive, and some colleges and universities in our country is generally used in special stadium track and cold area.

Yantai sunshine plastic co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, construction, sales of plastic runway materials, different octylic acid zinc, lead, quantitative plastic runway, yantai yantai plastic pitch. Company has specialized in the production of polyurethane paving materials standard chemical plant, production equipment, technical process is advanced, detection means complete, has many experienced professional construction team, covers an area of the largest industry in shandong province, is one of the most complete company form a complete set of equipment.

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